The Dopper Foundation is financed by 5% of the net Dopper turnover and invests in solutions for the plastic issues that go beyond those caused by water bottles.

Mission Dopper Foundation: ‘Dopper Foundation encourages changemakers that help turn the tide on plastics in our waters’

Crystal-clear water from tap to ocean – that is the shared dream of Dopper and the Dopper Foundation. With both a private limited company and a Foundation to its name, Dopper represents a new type of business operation which not only aims at economic profit, but also at societal gains. Each year, approximately 8 million kilo tonnes of plastic end up in our oceans. Dopper wants to turn the tide with reusable water bottles to prevent the use of disposable ones. Of the net turnover, 5% is donated to the Dopper Foundation and invested in solutions that go beyond the bottle. And because clean drinking water is vital if you want to replace bottled water with a sustainable alternative, the Dopper Foundation also invests in safe drinking water. Ever since the first bottle was produced, the Dopper Foundation has donated to the Simavi drinking water projects in Nepal. In order to investigate what this money is used for and to see if it helps to solve structural problems, we will be travelling to Nepal. We want to understand the water and plastic situation in Nepal better and meet local Changemakers: pioneers who see opportunities in problems, the people who inspire change.

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Sef’s style is difficult to describe – and that is exactly where his strength lies. Sef effortlessly switches between hip-hop, pop, and R&B, with music varying from entertaining to socially relevant. Sef is becoming increasingly aware of the influence his voice can have, and chooses to raise it how he sees fit.

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Sander van Weert

Not only does Sander have a keen eye for the people in front of his camera, he also has a big heart. He has made productions for Dutch NGOs before in countries that include Ghana and Bangladesh. In 2013, Sander also travelled to Nepal for the Dopper Foundation.

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Daniel Maissan

Daniel is a freelance photographer and a full-time traveller. He is interested in people and the power structures that create their inequality. With his camera, Daniel travels from Colombia to Malawi, Kampala, and India, never condemning the situations he encounters, but always questioning them.

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Marieke de Ruiter

Marieke is a copywriter for Dopper and a freelance journalist. She has worked for the Netherlands Public Broadcasting (NPO) and national newspapers. Marieke wants to tell stories that are powerful, but not overly dramatic. She uses a positive approach and – whenever possible – humour to do so.

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