Within its rugged mountain peaks, Nepal harbours the second largest freshwater resource in the world. This makes it even more startling to consider that particularly in this country more than half of the population does not have access to safe drinking water. Glacier water flows down from great heights, but it does not reach all the Nepalese people and, to make matters worse, is polluted by waste being dumped in it. And this is just the tip of the iceberg in terms of issues resulting from a lack of infrastructure. This makes Nepal seem like a nightmare, but quite the opposite is true. It is the land of unlimited dreams – because local Changemakers turn problems into opportunities. In order to provide information on the challenges and solutions, a motley crew of storytellers will travel to Nepal. They will follow the river upstream along the Himalayan mountain ridges in search of the source dreams spring from.  



Sef’s style is difficult to describe – and that is exactly where his strength lies. Sef effortlessly switches between hip-hop, pop, and R&B, with music varying from entertaining to socially relevant. Sef is becoming increasingly aware of the influence his voice can have, and chooses to raise it how he sees fit.

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Sander van Weert

Not only does Sander have a keen eye for the people in front of his camera, he also has a big heart. He has made productions for Dutch NGOs before in countries that include Ghana and Bangladesh. In 2013, Sander also travelled to Nepal for the Dopper Foundation.

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Daniel Maissan

Daniel is a freelance photographer and a full-time traveller. He is interested in people and the power structures that create their inequality. With his camera, Daniel travels from Colombia to Malawi, Kampala, and India, never condemning the situations he encounters, but always questioning them.

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Marieke de Ruiter

Marieke is a copywriter for Dopper and a freelance journalist. She has worked for the Netherlands Public Broadcasting (NPO) and national newspapers. Marieke wants to tell stories that are powerful, but not overly dramatic. She uses a positive approach and – whenever possible – humour to do so.

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